It’s well known that any brand – is not only production which are producing under his egis, but it is also the whole Philosophy, who helps to entrepreneur to position itself in the market, target efforts at true consumer audience and be clearly identified in a number of competitive proposals. In addition to a service or product that is hidden under the brand packaging, it is also a complex of emotions and feelings experienced by the buyer, a marker of social status and a spiritual value that tend to be found in the consumer goods purchased. All this is a competent entrepreneur must develop ahead of time and, of course, to fix these provisions and bring them to the level of axioms or, more simply, to form a corporate style. How to implement it easiest? This is where we come close to the concept of “brand book”.

Brand book: what is this?

Brand book – is, so to speak, a “constitution” of your brand. Body of the immutable rules by which you will position your business and promote it in the market. “Anatomy” brand book is that he must include all the details of which will shape the face of your company’s strategy and its behavior in a competitive environment.

Brand book must:

  • take into account all the features of your target audience;
  • embody the brand concept
  • reflect the corporate style of your company – visual, audible or other means of market positioning;
  • incorporate the concept of promotion – the specifics of advertising images, stories and layouts of advertising messages;
  • give an idea about the internal communication concept – ideas that are broadcast by your employees.

Of course, no one can tell us about the philosophy of your company is bigger and better than you do, but when it comes to correctly formulate and convey it to a potential customer, it is better to give it at the mercy of professionals.

What «RS-7″ do to create a brand book?

  • we learn the specifics of your target audience;
  • we are developing a strategy to conduct your brand;
  • we “visualize” your brand, developing the best corporate identity;
  • we help develop mechanisms that make make your brand recognizable visual and semantic levels.

What does it give you?

  • effective external communications. Consumers and competitors will be easier to identify your brand among market diversity;
  • The possibility to standardize imaging brand that once again raise it’s degree of recognition and, as a result, will be a factor in sales growth;
  • The mechanism of simple and user-friendly dissemination of corporate identity;
  • understanding of the business process for its members at all levels.

Training the brand book in «RS-7″ – is an easy way to create a literate ideology of your business!