Marketing and psychology go hand to hand, and the connection between these two disciplines was self-identification. Psychologists say that a person will certainly need to identify him for somehow delineate his proper place in the society. If to believe marketers, in identifying needs any company, because it allows it to indicate its place in the market to the consumers and competitors. What can help entrepreneurs make its own individual business and recognizable features? Answer: corporate identity.

What is it and why do we need it?

Corporate or as it can still be called, corporate style is a marketing tool, which displays your products at the level demanded and recognized brand. The competitiveness and reputation of your business will depend on how competently your corporate identity is designed. As you know, each company has its own corporate values, which should be communicated to the consumer in the initial stage of his acquaintance with your business – that’s the main task of corporate style.

A developer of corporate identity becomes a kind of “designer” of your business, which helps to establish the correct visual communication with the consumer.

How does it work in “RS-7”

Everything begins with the creation of the logo, which serves as the starting point for building a corporate identity. All visual components involved in your logo one way or another should overlap with the subsequent “carriers” of corporate style – business cards, badges, corporate attributes and souvenirs. In other words, corporate style is a holistic system of visual and verbal elements that live under the strict internal rules. That is why at the beginning of our work we discuss with you the concept and format of the desired position, which you think is best.

We will help you in the creation of:

  • color solutions;
  • logo;
  • font, graphic design and style.

What do you get?

  • First and the most important – a unique “face” of your business;
  • Correct positioning and vector of the business aimed at the right target audience;
  • Positive reputation of a held firm;
  • Effective visual communication with the consumer.

Corporate style developed by “RS-7” will help make your business unique and recognizable.