Someone reads the blogs, some electronic media, and someone who enjoys social networking, but e-mail is at all, and this means that the mailing is a universal way to declare the business, to increase conversion, establish two-way communication with the client, to form the loyal attitude to business and spend a minimum of money.

E-mail newsletter

• Covers huge audience;

• Makes the brand recognizable and strengthens market position;

• Allows to send flash banners, attached files and visual commercial proposals;

• Being ready for the contact database and works precisely;

• Not time consuming: one click – thousands of letters;

• Available and economical.



The algorithm of cooperation

You make order 2-3 days before the first mailing;

We send a test email from future mailings. If necessary, make changes;

We will coordinate campaign start date, and You pay for it;

We do a newsletter and send you a report that You see database distribution, number of locations and the distribution process in each moment.

You increase the conversion of business and gain new clients.

Doing e-mail sending, we: