Media Advertising

Contrary to the judgment that advertising is the engine of commerce, its purpose is much wider –  advertising can be called as the locomotive of the entire human civilization. You can be sure that the key to the progressive development of humanity is precisely the information about updates appearing, which in essence is nothing like advertising. Of course, advertising does not always had the usual for us format, but its functions are exactly the same. As for today, the most effective and promising format for transmission of such information is media advertising.

How do they do it in «RS-7″?

In a marketing environment, the concept of “media” is usually a bit wider that revolves in our household use. The first thing that comes to mind – television, newspapers and radio, but this is just the top of the iceberg. All this is called “media” and, of course, be used for promotional purposes. However, any marketer knows that there is also a direct media – telephone, fax, e-mail and many other means that work to target, that is, directed to a specific person. The philosophy of our company is a comprehensive approach to the implementation of any project and the creation of media advertising in this regard is no exception. Our ultimate goal – the creation of a full range of advertising – the mass and targeted – which will provide your product the maximum degree of presence in the market and winning positions in the competitive environment.

Experts «RS-7″ profess the principles of an integrated approach independently on what products are located in the center of the advertising company. Creating media advertising in «RS-7″ – is the work of the whole staff of experts in various fields.

The key role in the selection of the optimum ratio of advertising media plays the so-called product placement – the process of reasonable product positioning, which allows you to get the most out of every advertising unit involved in the campaign.

Thus, in the base of our approach is the integrated using of all marketing media advertising success factors.

What can we offer you?

«RS-7″ provides the creation and placement the following types of media advertising:

  • all kinds of online advertising, including promotion of your sites, the development and implementation of content and SEO-advertising, creation and placement of competent commercial flash banners and much more;
  • effective advertising options with all kinds of direct media – SMS and emailing;
  • professional advices in the field of product placement and the development of marketing strategies.

Order of media advertising in «RS-7″ – is a convenient and efficient way to express yourself!