“Is it so difficult – to come up with a name for his company? To create a site need a programmer, to develop business strategy – a connoisseur of the economy, and the name for the firm – I will manage itself somehow. ” Unfortunately, so many businesses think this way and really attempting to come up with the name on their own, or is involve into the process all his employees. The result of this “brainstorming” very often becomes or very impersonal or too pathetic title that does not find the response of the target audience. So it turns out that not everyone is willing to believe that the miser pays twice, and in the end an entrepreneur lost time and potential customers still seek the services of naming.

What is this?

Remember the adage about the ship, which will float as how you call it? So naming is just designed to create the “right” names for “ships”, but in our case for participants of market services. Nowadays market – it is not a chaos of people in the area who are trying to outshout each other and make buers to set their eyes to themselves. At the same time, be able to loudly declare themselves still need, so, one of the keys to success is “loud” name chosen for your company. This is the essence of “naming” – of the science, designed to develop successful names for brands and businesses. The successful name act in the role of “locomotive” of your business and will pay all costs already at the start of your business.

How do they do it in «RS-7″?

Everyone do see the result of naming – a maximum of one or two words, but these words – the result of a complex and painstaking work. So, what do we do in the process of naming?

  • We analyze the market. It is important to know what names already on the market, because the output is quite disappointing to get a name that is already occupied by someone or consonant with the name of another brand and cause undesirable associations.
  • We analyze your company and concisely formulate your features and benefits.
  • We analyze the target audience. It is important to know what your potential client wants to “hear”.
  • We create three to five dozen job titles.
  • select the most suitable on the basis of comprehensive analysis, including visual, stylistic and phonetic factors.
  • test the chosen name in the frame of focus groups.
  • We «integrate» the name. Simply words, we give an explanation of how it is related to the name of the developed service.

What the competent naming will give you?

The correct name – is not only beautiful sounding word or phrase, but it is also a real marketing tool. Name, developed in the course of professional naming:

  • will indicate where you are better than your competitors;
  • Will be addressed to the correct target audience;
  • It will emphasize your uniqueness.

Why does it have to do in «RS-7″?

  • holistic approach – is one of our indispensable rules;
  • We prefer to work as long as the concrete positive results achieved;
  • We offer you a reasonable affordable prices;
  • We know how to work efficiently and to cope with the tasks in record short time.

“There was the word in the beginning ..” – this is old biblical phrase is still relevant in today’s business. Refer to the «RS-7″ and you see it!