Registration of a trademark

The domain name is called the words or phrases that we enter into the address bar in order to find a particular site. Thus, a domain name helps the company to position itself on the Internet, and the right choice of the name is very important for business. Try to remember the domain names on the Internet of the companies that you trust. As a rule this concise and capacious names immediately remain in memory.

This raises the question, how to get a particular domain name? If it just given without any problems or to obtain it is necessary to keep to certain conditions? In accordance with the law, the main condition for obtaining a domain name is the presence of a registered trade mark (TM), because, otherwise, clear and sharp names that can convey to the consumers the essence of your business, there would be just not enough – the vocabulary of our language is not unlimited but those who want to get “tasty” domain a lot.

Many of today’s entrepreneurs think that in the initial stages, the registration of TM is not necessary, and this is their main mistake. It is possible that by the time when you realize the need for registration, it’s already will be done by your competitor, and you will not be able show him any legal claims. Thus, timely registration of the TM domain name is the key to the success of your business.

So, every entrepreneur who decides to buy a domain name and start positioning his own company in the Internet should be obliged to register his trademark. TM register takes a lot of time and efforts. If you decide to do it yourself, the process may be delayed for a long period of time.

«RS-7″ gives its customers the opportunity to register a trade mark under the simplified procedure and reduce waiting time

How do we do it?

Step 1. We help you to make sure that your favorite domain name and the brand name that you are going to register is free.

Step 2: We submit all of the documentation that will be needed for official registration of your brand; our company takes over all the troubles of collecting the documentation and allows you to complete the process as soon as possible.

Step 3: You come for ready certificate confirming the registration of your TM.

Step 4: We help you to register a new domain name.

What are the advantages of cooperation with «RS-7»?

  • assistance in choosing the best domain name;
  • trademark registration in short period of time;
  • protection of your business interests;
  • professional advice on any matter.

Remember that the right chosen domain name will make your brand successful and recognizable on the market.