What is the fundamental difference between “classical” advertising which we used to see on TV or in the city or, for example, in public transport, and SEO-advertising in the Internet? Conventional advertising is intended to motivate a potential customer only to make a choice between offers, but SEO-advertising must “motivate” the search engine to prefer your site.

The main task of SEO-advertising in this issue is the following: to make available for the user among other results also your resource. How to achieve this effect? “RS-7” knows the answer!

What do we do for SEO-advertising?

  • optimize the internal structure of your website;
  • prescribe the correct meta tags on your site;
  • register your resource in online directories;
  • saturate your site by external links;
  • conduct an audit of your site;
  • bind your site to interactive maps, etc..

As you can see, our experts conduct a comprehensive optimization as we know very well that only a comprehensive work on the site allows it to become a “favorite” of search engines.

What are the benefits of SEO-method?

Economical. SEO-advertising is a set of measures; you can choose the combination that will pass better for your life and the perfect “fit” in your budget;

“Momentum.” If you make a small break in your “campaign”, it does not mean that the position of your site will go down. The search engine will give priority to your resource “by momentum”, moreover, the custom work factor will work – one way or another, to grow the number of visits, and that in itself is a positive impact on the delivery position.

The factor of “non-advertising.” The advantage of SEO-advertising is also in the fact that the user does not consider it as just advertising. In general, the user does not see it at all, thus, in this case it is not the same feeling of irritation that occurs when a traditional advertising takes place, and the position of your site is perceived as the result of selecting unbiased searcher.

What does it give you?

In addition, directly influx of customers, being in the top forms a positive image of your life in particular and business in general. You must admit that the sites which are in the top always inspire more confidence. Smart SEO-advertising is a sensible investment in the successful establishment of your business project!